Revolutionary No-Wrap Relief
for hoof soreness and inflammation



Karen O'Connor
  • Longtime Member(and Medalist) of the US Olympic Eventing Team(since 1988)
  • Female Equestrian Athlete of the Year Ten times.
  • Located in The Plains, VA and Ocala, FL

Aaron Vale
  • Member of the  Show Jumping US Equestrian Team since 1996
  • Holds the record for the most Grand Prix wins in one year, most money won in a year, and most double clean rounds in one year.
  • Located in Ocala, FL 


Linda Rice

  • Top Thoroughbred trainer, named to the 2010 "Women of Influence" list by Thoroughbred Times
  • Tied with Todd Pletcher for the 2011 leading trainer title at Belmont Park
  • Located in Saratoga, NY 

“We had a stakes horse named Awakino Cat who when he was shod was cut a little short. The blacksmiths were going to have to try and glue a shoe on, but with the aid of Rebound we were able to nail a shoe back on normally. Rebound took out the inflammation and the pain, and toughened the sole. He missed only a few days of training instead of a week or two. We fully endorse the product.”



Kama Godek

  •     International Grand Prix Show Jumper 
  •     Located in Leesburg, VA and Munster, Germany

"When I first came back to the US in the summer of 2012 I had to revisit some of the standard management procedures I used in my stable.  Due to the hard clay in the Virginia soil and often times less then perfect footing at the shows we need to use more pre- and post- competition preparation to keep our horses jumping fit and sound.  For the past two years, I have made Rebound Hoof Packing an essential part of our stables preparation, for both national and FEI level shows.  It is so quick and easy to apply, and stays in their feet all night!  We have even had some of the other grooms in the FEI stabling ask about the product and we are able to demonstrate how easy it is to use, especially when you have multiple horses showing.  Rebound has definitely saved our stable both time and money!  Thank you."


Gayle Woods

  • World-renowned and respected horsewoman
  • Leading 2-year-old Thoroughbred Trainer and Consigner
  • Located in Ocala, FL

"I couldn't believe how quickly Rebound has worked on my few foot sore horses! After a single day's treatment they were perfectly sound and I didn't have to use much of the product."





Lincoln Russell

  • International Grand Prix Show Jumper
  • NCHJA Sportsman of the Year
  • Head Coach for the Converse College Equestrian Team
  • Located in Campobello, SC

"I have been using Rebound in a lot of my horse's feet and I have been very impressed with it's positive effect on all of them. Great stuff." 




Will Faudree

    • Member of the US Olympic Eventing Team
    • 2003 Gold medalist at the Pan American Games
    • 2006 represented team USA at the World Equestrian Games, 4th place finish
    • Located in Southern Pines, NC

"We usually go through rolls of duck tape and vet wrap to pack our horses feet,
with Rebound its so much easier and the results have been more effective than anything else we've ever used"   



Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch

    • Member of the Canadian Olympic Eventing Team
    • Silver Medalist at the World Equestrian Games 2010

"Rebound is a sensational product that every serious horse person should add to their first aid kit. Use Rebound as a hoof pack to draw out the pain, inflammation, and soreness from galloping and other shoeing problems in an easy to apply pack that will really stay put!"





Kyle Timm

  • International Grand Prix Show Jumper
  • Leading Rider of Young Horses in New Zealand for 2011
  • Located in Apex, NC 


Joe Meyer

  • Member of the New Zealand Olympic Eventing Team
  • Represented NZL in 2008 Olympic Games, placing 5th 
  • Located in Ocala, FL

crop_reggie.png Sharon White                             

    • International 4* Event Rider
    • Located in Summit Point, WV
"The old saying 'No foot no horse' holds true; Rebound is dedicated to keeping this saying at bay by keeping your horses feet in the best condition possible.  It is impossible to escape hard going with event horses in the US.  I want the best for my horses, so anytime I feel like they have been concussed by the going, I pack their feet.  Rebound is by far the best hoof pack I have found, the research and quality of ingredients  is unsurpassed, and there are noticeable improvements in the quality and condition of their feet after using it. "            

crop_Gavin_Moylan.pngGavin Moylan

    • Grand Prix Show Jump Rider and Trainer
    • Located in Middleburg, VA and Wellington, FL

Laine Ashker

    • International 4* Event Rider
    • Member of the US Equestrian Team Short List
    • Located in Ocala, FL

Alison Head

    • Grand Prix Dressage Rider and Trainer
    • Located in Purcellville, VA

Hannah Burnett
  • 4* Event Rider
  • Member of the US Equestrian Team short list
  • Individual Silver Medalist at the Pan American Games 2011
  • Located in The Plains, VA and Ocala, FL

Kendal Lehari
  • International 4* Eventer
  • Long listed for the Canadian Olympic Team
  • Located in Uxbridge, Canada and Ocala, FL

"Rebound is a great product that gets results! It's easy to use and has pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for packing after cross-country; definitely a must have around the barn!"





Jessica Phoenix
  • Canadian Olympic Team Member
  • Silver Medalist at 2010 World Equestrian Games
  • Gold Medalist at the 2011 Pan American Games
  • Located in Toronto, Canada and Ocala, FL

Olivia Loiacono

  • 4* Advanced Level Event Rider
  • Long Listed for the US Olympic Team
  • Located in Bonsall, CA

"Rebound Hoof Pack is great because it is easier to use than regular packing but even more effectice. I always keep some on hand and use it for everything from frequent issues such as a horse loosing a shoe, to making my horse Subwway feel great after his Cross Country run at Rolex. Rebound is a must have!"





Scott Keach

  • 1986 on the Australian Eventing World Championships Team
  • 1988 on the Australian Eventing Olympic Team in Seoul
  • International Grand Prix Show Jumper
  • Located in Middleburg, VA and Ocala, FL

Lynn Symansky
  • International 4* Event Rider
  • 2011 Member of Gold medal winning team USA at the Pan Am games
  • USET High Performance Short list
  • Located in Middleburg, VA

"For years I had to carry around Epsom salt, betadine, diapers, vet wrap and duct tape just to pack one foot! Then I struggled with sticky, unusable hoof pack that my farrier hated. So happy to have found Rebound! It couldn't be any easier to transport or use, and I definitely notice better results after a hard jump school or gallop compared to anything I've used before."


Lisa Barry
  • Advanced Level Event Rider
  • Groom for the Canadian Olympic Team
  • Located in Middleburg, VA and Ocala, FL

Gwen Zefting

  • Competes in dressage with her partner "True", a foundation-bred double-registered QH/Palomino
  • Pictured with True Gold N Classic

"I have never seen a horse that was truly "3-legged lame" until this abscess occurred.   I bought some Rebound and packed the foot and he went sound the next day.  I was so happy about it that I emailed you."





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