How it Works

The tried and true ingredients in Rebound Hoof Pack® have never tested, and will not irritate your horses skin. It’s so easy, and with no wrapping, there’s no excuse not to pack your horses hooves!

Tried and True Ingredients

Epsom Salts

Draws out heat and soreness from the hoof structures. Helps treat abscesses.*

Iodine (active)

For antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-fungal purposes.

Pine Tar

For moisture balance and to promote hoof growth.


A homeopathic anti-inflammatory.

* NOTE: If treating an abscess, wash product out of hoof after twelve hours on to let the abscess drain, then reapply after another twelve hours, repeating until healing occurs.

How to Apply Rebound Hoof Pack

  1. Make sure hoof is clean and DRY. If the hoof is wet Rebound Hoof Pack will not adhere properly.
  2. Wet your hand.
  3. Scoop Rebound out of the jar and form a ball.
  4. Press Rebound into the hoof, making sure to cover all the structures on the bottom of the hoof, but not overflowing the bottom of the shoe.
  5. If your horse is shod, simply cover with shavings or paper and you're done! If your horse is barefoot, then wrapping with vetwrap is recommended. Also if you are going to turn your horse out, then wrapping with vetwrap and duct tape is recommended whether your horse is shod or unshod.

****For easiest application, Rebound Hoof Pack should be stored at room temperature. If stored in cold temperatures (45 degrees and below) the product will temporarily harden. The product will regain it’s original consistency if the jar is moved back to room temperature, or the jar is shut tight and soaked in a bucket of warm water.*****